Mediterranean House Plans

Encompassing the beauty of Spanish, Moorish, and Italianate architectural styles, Mediterranean homes blend indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly, with an emphasis on warmth and hospitality.

Often featuring shallow, sloping, barrel-tile roofs with large overhanging eaves, you’ll often find courtyards, verandas, and other sweeping exterior spaces. Exterior walls are typically made of stucco or plaster and evoke a sun-drenched, coastal locale.

Arches and columns are a common feature, as are oversized windows and doorways that welcome in the fresh air. Woodwork and tilework in rich, dark colors provide a pleasing contrast with the pale exterior, echoing the red hue of the roofline. Inside, you’ll find this same contrast of light and warmth, with an emphasis on natural materials. Opulent and majestic, Mediterranean homes feel modern while blending beautifully with more traditional home styles.

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