What’s in a Set of Plans?

At BDG Collection, our plans provide everything that is needed to construct your home. Our plans are devoid of unnecessary sheets and details that often overcomplicate the building process for contractors. Our plans include the following:

Floor Plans

This is an overhead view of your home with detailed descriptions of each floor and square footage information. You will see dimensions for interior rooms, exterior footprint (all outside walls and supporting columns), and openings. Essential features, including windows, doors, appliances, and any built-in elements are identified in this plan.

Exterior Elevations

The term "elevation" in this context refers to an image of the home's exterior, so in this section of the plan you will see drawings of the front, rear, left, and right exterior of your home. Included in this drawing are exterior materials as well, along with details and measurements required for the construction phase.

Roof Plan

The roof plan gives you an overhead view of the roof. It includes the slope of all roof faces as well as ridges and valleys and shows major roof penetrations, such as chimneys.

Electrical Plan

The electrical plan shows you the location and design of lighting fixtures, outlets, and switches. This helps give you a closer look at the functionality and layout of each room in your house.

Foundation Plan

This plan shows you a detailed foundation layout of your house, including stem walls, footings, and rebar placement. You may also see a layout for a basement or crawl space if it’s included in your house.

Floor Covering

This sheet is a basic representation of the floor coverings in all areas of the house, including square footage breakdown for the various finishes.

*Not all plans will include floor covering

What’s not included?

Each plan does not include any details on plumbing or heating and air conditioning layouts due to local codes and climate conditions. You need to talk with your contractor and local suppliers for this information. When installing any appliances, materials, or other systems, please refer to manufacturer instructions. While our plans do include basic cabinet designs on the floor plans, we do not provide detailed elevations. Complying with all applicable building codes is the responsibility of the individual and/or the builder constructing the home.

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